When child care and early learning communities need a helping hand…

Help. Hope. Healing.

Mission: To help children, families, and communities recover and heal from disasters by providing financial assistance to the child care and early learning infrastructure so that it is restored and operational as quickly as possible with the goal of ensuring safe, secure, and supportive environments.

Establishing routine and normalcy are so important for young children who suffer from trauma after disasters. Recovery is difficult when a majority of the child care centers, family child care homes, and preschools that children rely on as safe havens, suffer disaster-related damage and are unable to operate. Without reliable child care, parents are unable to go to work and go about the business of restoring their homes and communities. Further, the lack of reliable child care impacts our first responders who must make sure that their children’s needs are met so that they can continue help others.

Living in Florida, we know that disaster can strike at any time. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and wildfires have become increasingly common for our state, and the destruction caused by any or all of these disasters can devastate a community. Florida Early Learning Disaster Relief was created with these issues in mind. Our purpose is to assist child care centers, Head Start programs, and family child care homes that are in danger of closing, temporarily or permanently, due to a natural disaster, by meeting some of their most pressing needs on a short-term basis.

The Florida Early Learning Disaster Relief effort is a collaboration of state and national partners that have come together to address these most pressing needs to the state’s child care and early learning infrastructure. Under the “Partners” tab, you will find the organizations and associations that are collaborating for this purpose. We sincerely appreciate their partnership in this important endeavor.

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